Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Developments I

Here it is! Something new!

...Kind of...

I now have an updated version of "SpriteMaker"! In this version I got rid of the annoying prompts at the beginning which ask for the tile size and the filename you are planning on saving the graphic as. I figured it made more sense to input a filename when saving and loading. So I did just that! Speaking of loading, I now have a means to load the graphic into the tile grid and in the window in the corner. Graphically, nothing has changed. That will be for "SpriteMaker2.0". This one is only version 1.2.

So, if you are a masochist or enjoy meticulously plotting little dots on a surface to make a 10:1 scale graphic, then this is the application for you! If not, Adobe Photoshop(r) is where it's at for you, my friend.

here's a little cutie I made for a friend of mine's game. Kinda tiny, he is...

Like I said, most of this stuff is in it's beginning stages and I will probably (or definately) make more defined graphics. I feel my color changes are too subtle and the resolutions on monitors these days is a lot more magnanimous than they were in the late 90's when I was doing 20x20 sprites and tiles on QBasic. *phew* That octoganal fire eyeball is a 30x30. Not real big.

Anyhow, there will be more news soon. And something maybe even playable. If anyone is interested in my source code, I'd gladly email it to you, because I don't exactly know how best to upload to an FTP site or something...

Until then!



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