Thursday, November 15, 2007

Now for Something Completely Different

As we all know, I lack the habit of blogging regularly. Maybe that will all change now as I am seeking to change the world... or not.

I have recently been flirting with python-- an object-oriented programming language--(whatever that means...) and I hope to start programming video games again as a hobby. For those of you who know me, you may not have ever known that I could program games... well, back in the day I was familiar with QBasic and made the start of an RPG which I called "Bloodshed". I spent months drawing sprites and backgrounds and writing program which made those sprites and backgrounds move and do stuff that only sprites can do... which... they can't do anything unless you tell them.

Abbreviated history aside, I have returned today for the sole purpose of sharing with the world my new creation...

--a random bingo card generator!--

"Why?" you may ask? I ask you, "Why not?"

Bingo is a great way to pass time in boring staff meetings, church services... anything that you have to sit through in which technical jargon and cliche phrases run rampant. This is no regular bingo where numbers are used. This bingo, as you should have guessed, is the kind with words on a grid.

Though it may seem that my intent for making was purely for my entertainment (and the entertainment of others) it is actually a useful tool for paying attention to what is actually being said. Kind of like the days in McMillan's classes where I would keep track of how many times he would say "In any case" in any given class, the game actually helped me get higher grades because I had to actively hear what was being said.

All that being said, be on the lookout for my next post which will (hopefully) provide a screenshot of my new product and if any are interested, you can send me a list of words that can be generated onto a 5 x 5 grid.

Until then:



Elizabeth said...

Oh, I wish I had of had some type of "in any case" I might have learned more.

The game sounds neat.

Robin said...

That is awesome, and yes I want some.